Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach Launches Program to Help Club Families and Local Farmers During Pandemic

Boys & Girls Club of Palm Beach County Staff
March 16, 2020

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, schools, after school programs and farmers’ markets are closed in Palm Beach County.  Children who depend on food assistance programs are going without, while local farmers have crops waiting to be harvested. During this challenge, we see our community connecting in a new way. We are bigger together!

Farm to Family is a network of local farmers and Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County. Together we will help nourish hungry families while keeping floundering small farms afloat during this crisis. We want to keep our children and families healthy, and our farms and farmers too.  

We are committed to help the poor working families with hungry kids and the struggling small farmers to STAY AFLOAT during this colossal crisis here in our own hometown. Join us by donating. 

There is an abundance of beautiful, ready-to-be-picked fresh produce that can no longer be sold to restaurants or at farmers markets and, there is an abundance of need from hungry children and families because of closed schools and other costs of this pandemic. 

Photo Credit: Gyorgy Papp

 Let’s connect the dots. Together you can end hunger in our   community & save small farmers in one heroic good deed.

- Our local farmers will box up their best assortment of ripe and ready-for-picking vegetables and fruits our kids and families will eat. 

- Each $30 box contains a mixed bag of lettuces and salads, up to 4 veggies, up to 3 fruits. 

-Your $30 funds the produce for $20 and the delivery for $10. 

- The Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County will hand-out food to our neediest families at multiple locations throughout Palm Beach County.

Photo Credit: Gyorgy Papp

Partners in this organic effort to save the day are: Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County, Lox Farms, Fresh RX, Living Hungry, Farm Share, Gratitude Gardens, Kai Kai Farms, Holman’s Harvest, Aioli, Florida Crystals, GL Homes, Old School Bakery, Farm Share, TKM, Tropical Shipping, Gekks, V and B Farms, All American Citrus, Lake Meadow, Brown Distributing, Sysco and more are signing on daily.  

By you helping to create this food distribution network, we will also be able to distribute other items of need including: dry goods, dairy and protein as donated by community partners. 

Every donation helps! 

$30 – Box Feeds One Family of 4 One Week 

$60 – 2 Boxes Feeds 2 Families

$120– 3 Boxes Feeds 3 Families

$240– 3 Boxes Feeds 4 Families 

(Any Amount) Every dollar helps one more Farmer, one more Family survive. 


Big Donors are welcome by the truckload! Call Victor Rivera (561) 512-9707 or email or Maura Plante at Living Hungry 561-400-2712 or email  to schedule a drop off appointment today.  

Corporate sponsors welcome. Please email Lily Holt Sponsor a site for a week or a month. Signage of your brand is welcome at our sites.  

*Sorry, at this time we are not able to accept food donations due to health concerns. However, your gift of dollars will go a long way to take care of kids, families, and farmers.   

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