Jeremiah Milbank Society

Boys & Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County - Give, Donor Heroes, Jeremiah Milbank SocietyWe recognize donors who make unrestricted annual campaign gifts of $10,000 or more to the BGCPBC. Funding from these donors helps Clubs provide core services and programs to positively impact young people each and every day.

Sincere thanks to generous donors who made unrestricted annual gifts of $10,000+ for 2017

$10,000+ Annually

Boca West Children's Foundation

Kelly & Carlo Sant Albano

Sarah A. Alsofrom

Ann-Britt & Christian J. Angle

Sophia Banks

Arthur J. Bauernfeind

Chrysanthi & Harvey Berger

James D. Berwind & Kevin Clark

Brooks O. Bishop

Doneve & Barclay Booth

Judith & Ronald G. Borinstein

H. E. Hill Foundation

Dorothy & Sheriff Ric L. Bradshaw

Donald A. Burns

Paula & Robert T. Butler

William K. Caler Jr.

Kristen & Colin Cashel

Olexa Celine

Kristy & James Clark

Julie & Michael Connors

Mr. Derek S. Cooper

Julie & Peter D. Cummings

Joseph R. Daly

Suzanne & Lawrence DeGeorge

Laura DeLuca, MD

Diana & Joseph A. DiMenna

Adam S. Doner, Esq.

Craig Donoff

C. Kenneth & Laura Baxter Foundation

Diana & Llywd Ecclestone

Kiki & Steven M. Esrick

Raysa & Alfonso Fanjul

Lourdes & Pepe Fanjul Jr.

Emilia & Pepe Fanjul

John D. Firestone

Jennifer & David Fischer

Raymond George & Ruth Bitner Fisher Foundation

Robert S. Flug

Lydia & Robert L. Forbes

The Jacobs Wellington Charitable Fund

Connie M. Frankino

Mary & Mark E. Freitas

Timothy J. Gannon

Melissa & Marc Ganzi

Postage Stamp Farm Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Vere Gaynor

Judith & Honorable Rudolph W. Giuliani

Darcy & George Gould

Joan Granlund

Laura & Peter Grauer

Alice Grossman

Judy & James Harpel

Susan & Lawrence Hazan

Suzanne & Henry G. Herzing

Neil S. Hirsch

Vicky & Sam Hunt

Nancy & Kurt A. Jetta

Michele & Howard Kessler

Julie & John Kime

Carol & Thomas Kirchhoff

Karen Knight

Willian I. Koch

Gladys & Sy Ziv Foundation

David G. Lambert

Thomas Lang

Judy & Leonard Lauder

Gretchen C. & Ambassador Howard H. Leach

Paul N. Leone

Karin & Joseph W. Luter III

Mr. David S. Mack

The Dana Foundation

Margaret M. Fauver Charitable Foundation

The David Minkin Foundation

James Meany

Susan & Lloyd Miller III

Honorable Danielle Moore

William & Helen Thomas Charitable Trust

Caroline Moran

Jim Moran Foundation

Moss Foundation

JoAnna & Stephen E. Myers

Margo & James L. Nederlander

Paulson Family Foundation

Lynne & Thomas P. Peterffy

Amy & John Phelan

The William H. Pitt Foundation

Muriel & James J. Pratt Jr.

Patricia A. Quick

Thomas C. Quick

Suzanne & Ramsey Frank

Christopher Ruddy

William C. & Joyce C O'Neil Charitable Trust

Jean & Thomas Rutherfoord

Aon Foundation

Scaife Family Foundation

Martha & Dwight C. Schar

Amanda & Charles A. Schumacher

Virginia & Richard P. Simmons

Jorgette & John M. Smith Jr.

SFC Charitable Foundation

Honorable Lesly S. Smith

Jeannette & John Staluppi

Neil Subin

Eddy & John Taylor

The Ara D. Cohen Charitable Lead Trust

Betsy & Wally Turner

Amy & Steve Van &el

The Charles Lafitte Foundation

Simone & Kerry Vickar

Holly Weston

Nicole & Keith L. Williams

Ameilia & Richard H. Wilson Jr.

Bruce Wiltsie

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